Generic Greetings

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

How did you feel after reading those "warm" greetings?

Probably didn't affect you at all. The same goes for generic and forwarded "Happy birthday!", "Good night.", and "Thanks for being a friend" emails.

With text messages, somehow I feel thankful for receiving a generic message because it carries some value (1 peso worth, to be exact).

I'm thinking, if I were to send something, I might as well personalize it. I have never used my phone's "send to many" function, precisely because of the reason stated above. It takes at least one minute for me to send a simple message, since I always have to think of something to let the receiver know that the note I'm sending was composed especially for her. Of course, I only do that to people I know.

So to you, generic reader, have a nice day!