Pacquiao VS De La Hoya

Look at all these "experts" predicting the outcome of the Pacquiao versus De La Hoya "Dream Fight". It's like predicting how much damage an upcoming typhoon will inflict. I guess that it's just their idea of fun.

I particularly dislike "experts" who have never even stepped on a boxing ring. Allow me to extend an old saying, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can do neither, predict."

How about this idea: Every time an "expert" announces his prediction to the general public, he should plunk down a significant amount of cash on a special betting table. If he's correct, he gets to keep his money. If he's wrong, his money will go to a local charity. That'll take care of the wannabes.

I sure hope that the match will live up to all the hype. Pride, glory, and money are at stake (not necessarily in that order of importance). And I have another wish: I hope that whoever loses the fight will accept the result like a man. No excuses ("I'm not used to these lighter boxing gloves.", "I'm not comfortable with my new weight", etc) please!