No iPhones Allowed!

Just read this interesting article about Bill Gates banning all iPhones, iPods, iWhatever in his ultra-high-tech home.

Initially, I thought it is just natural for someone to hate his competition so much that he would disallow any form of reminder about it (the competition). But looking at it from a business perspective, I sincerely doubt that the modern-day genius would go to great lengths to ban those darn iPhones.

On the contrary, I bet he has all the versions, from the oldest iPod to the newest upgraded iPhone, and maybe even a few Macs stashed somewhere in a secret chamber. How else would he be able to study the competitor's products first hand? Plus, if he were to allow his kids to play around with all these iToys, he will draw out valuable insights from his tech-savvy youngsters. An in-house focus group is far more precious than a group of random strangers, don't you think so?


fuNky*sOuL said...

the best way to beat your competition is to study his methods/products.

ok yang thought na yan :D