I Quit!

After "investing" over a hundred hours buiding up my Mafia and accumulating boatloads of virtual dirty money, I've decided to give up mugging, smuggling, and whacking other thugs. I quit!

Here's proof...

Wait, that's not proof. It's just a screen shot of Facebook asking me if I am aware of the dire consequences of my actions. It's like a last-ditch effort to sway me into hitting the "cancel" button instead. Well, to show him who's boss, I clicked the blue "Remove" button (with emphatic force, mind you).

After the monumental triumph, I was suddenly overwhelmed by how much free time I had. I found time to do my laundry. Now I only have 2 hills of dirty clothes instead of 3. I found time to exercise. I'm down to 70 push-ups per minute, but I'll work my way back to 90+ per minute. I now sleep twice as many hours every day. This is the life!

All this talk about free time is driving me nuts! Let's see, what game should I play next?