Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

How's it going? My name is Bruce Kho and I want to tell you a little story. 
But first, help me put out this flaming sword.
My science teacher taught me that metal conducts heat, 
and now I believe her because I'm sweating like a waterfall in here!

I'm the lead vocalist in our band called Bakalatbalat.
We have a silly name and we don't care because we're cool like that.
That's our FB Fan page pic. From L to R: Bruce, Furfol, Wallace-tic, and Silveria.
We look violent, but we're really gentle. It's just an image thing.

This is where we hold our gigs, in Taborea's most chillin' hang-out, Hembashy (which closed down a few times due to extreme popularity.)

Someday we'll be performing there because we love to dream big dreams.

I used to perform solo, but I always attracted the wrong crowd.

Until I met my talent manager. I never asked for her real name. I just call her Mam.

Mam introduced us to each other, and BAM! Bakalatbalat was formed.
Together, we'll take Taborea's music charts by storm.
Sure, we'll fight some bad guys on the side, if that's what it takes, because...
"This is our Age and it is our destiny to shape the fate of Taborea."

Hey, I told you it was a "little story".



molestedtwineggs said...

nyahahahhah... mag music laban ba sa Taborea... wee... keep up your band!