Blackberry or iPhone?

I've lost one too many mobile phones that I've become high-tech-phone-phobic (what the?!). So, as a tech-scrimper, I only buy the cheapest functional gadgets known to man. I don't bother myself with details about the latest tech craze.

But this email exchange between my Toastmaster friends might make me reconsider my abstinence...

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Hey there! I have a question that some of you might want to answer...

Which is better for me, an iPhone or a Blackberry?

I'm temporarily using a cheap Nokia 1202, and it's so funny cuz I just learned that it has a limitation on the number of characters I can save. So Boom's number is stored under "BNT Boom San Agu" and Faye's is "BNT Faye Melegrit" ... buy hey, I'm not complaining. I bought this phone for only P1400 from the Nokia store, and it came with a Sun SIM card, P150 worth of Jollibee gift certificates (which I promptly used to buy a 2-piece Chickenjoy for lunch!), and a raffle coupon for another cellphone and overnight stay for two at the Shangri-la. :-)

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Hi, Michelle!
I like your problem, choosing between an Iphone and a BB.  anyway, hope this will help...
if you're looking for a smart phone with lots of applications, you should go for the iphone... but if you're looking for a durable and dependable smart phone, go for the blackberry. 
People use Blackberries because they have to... People use iPhones because they want to...
The blackberry’s advantage is corporate support and email. Period. The iPhone is better for virtually every other activity. I think everyone knows that though, right?
iPhone's edge over the Blackberry are games, iphone has a shitload of applications and the “being cool” associated with it. The Blackberry has the hardware keyboard (you can’t write fast and accurate on an iPhone, sorry), the business features and the “being a businessman” associated with it. 
iPhone is a personal phone, MADE for games and taking pictures, video, surfing the web, while Blackberry is a business phone MADE for business, that doesn’t have any reason to have games.
The iPhone is an entertainment phone, Blackberry is a business phone. The iPhone will never be a business phone as Blackberry will never be a gaming device.
I'll go for the BB.

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Thanks for the comprehensive comments, Bino.

Yup, I sort of heard about these distinctions between iPhones and Blackberries but didn't really focus because I was determined NOT to have either one. I was happy with Nokia, and intended to use Nokia phones for life. And since Globe had the E75 as a retention phone, that worked perfectly for me. Until my E75 was stolen!

I guess having my phone stolen was a blessing in disguise, because I realized that as HR Director I am entitled to a company-paid phone (the company had saved on that item because I'd been using my personal phone for all business calls/messages! ) so they have now ordered my new phone. The standard issue would be a Blackberry but if I paid extra for the handset I could get an iPhone instead. I was thinking since I hate the "sent from my Blackberry" which I get whenever someone emails me from a Blackberry I might as well go for the iPhone BUT your "The Blackberry has the hardware keyboard (you can’t write fast and accurate on an iPhone, sorry)" just clinched it for the BB. I need to type fast so I'll just have to figure out a way to disable that show-off function... I don't want to advertise BB every time I email. Hmph!

Thanks again, Bino!

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* Bino is a sought-after sales trainer, and after seeing him in action, I believe he has every right to call himself a sales strategist (that' his blog, go ahead and visit). 


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eRLyN said...

yeah the bb's edge over iphone is only the email.

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