Xtreme Fun with Lazer

Photo stolen, I mean, borrowed from Rina's LazerXtreme blog post

Last April 13, a bunch of bloggers were told to wear black shirts to attend a party at Market! Market! Almost all the attendees followed the command without question. Well, it was a laser tag party, and the black costume was for ninja stealth. Thanks to Carl for the invitation, by the way.

Each laser tag game lasts 15 minutes. Once your guns and vests are activated, all you have to do is shoot and avoid being shot. Colorful lights spread all over your vest, with different corresponding point values, serve as your opponents' targets.

A quarter of an hour might sound bitin, but once your competitive juices start flowing, so will your buckets of sweat. Your thighs and trigger finger will thank whoever who came up with the time limit.

After playing three intense games (the last of which pitted us against a group of foreign elementary students, whom we bullied until the very last second), I looked as if I swam in a dagat ng basura. Dehydration was a serious threat. I must have gulped down 2 liters of iced tea and water in a span of 90 minutes.

What fascinated me most was the detailed stat sheet, which included information like my overall rank, my shooting accuracy, bases destroyed, how many people I tagged, how many sneaky opponents shot me from behind, my weight, my body fat percentage, and my horoscope. Err, I think the last three came from another machine.

Up to 30 people can play at the same time.You can choose to play by teams, or if you're the loner type, push for the free-for-all option and you get to shoot every colored vest in sight.

Just a piece of unsolicited advice: you absolutely have to bring an extra shirt. And if you're a wetter, you might want to consider bringing extra pants as well.

I highly recommend this "sport". Go ahead and schedule a trip to Market! Market! soon!