The Proof is in the Dirty Finger


Now that I have obtained proof of participation, I can - and eventually will - lash out at public officials who do not fulfill their campaign promises. Lame threat, I know.

I consider myself lucky because I queued up for "only" 90 minutes before I got my chance to shade several bilog na hugis itlog. I used up 8 minutes because I was so paranoid about wasting my ballot with my carelessness.

My dad used his senior citizen privilege and took the "express lane". Good for him. And good for the others: the elderly, the disabled, and the pregnant women because they were spared from the torturous wait. I'm glad that the organizers quickly took that into consideration.

Another thing I'd like to point out was the volunteers' unbelievable patience. Their batteries were obviously running low, but despite the heat, hunger, and the occasional grouchy voter, most of there were still surprisingly cheerful. Kudos to them!

Usually, I whine a lot when forced to wait in line, but this afternoon, I saw that the volunteers did the best they could with whatever they had. And I had nothing to complain about.