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If you're a marketing practitioner, consider attending this...

The Philippine Marketing Association is gearing up for the upcoming 41st National Marketing Conference on June 24 and 25 at fancy Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

This two-day learning event is jam-packed with intense sessions highlighted by a powerhouse cast of heavy-hitters in the field of marketing.

I'm particularly interested in these topics:

  • Tourism as the Country’s Express Lane Towards Economic and Market Growth - Can the Philippines successfully market itself as a major tourist destination? And more importantly, are we Pinoys ready for it?
  • The Green Scorecard in a Brown Economy - Doing business while taking care of Mother Earth sounds fascinating, since I'm a bit of a passive environmentalist myself. I'm not sure what "brown economy" signifies though, but we'll find out soon enough.
  • The Future of Marketing Communication - Best practices and effective strategies most suitable for delivering the message to the Filipino audience. Hey, that's my target audience! And most probably yours, too.

In terms of personalities....


I've attended a few of Ricky de Vera's and Jos Ortega's seminars years ago. Even back then, they obviously knew what they were talking about. They're excellent examples of "constant learners", reading the latest books and keeping up with marketing trends. I'm excited to witness their lively, updated, information-loaded presentations.

And of course, I'm looking forward to hearing what President Noynoy Aquino has to share. That's correct, the incoming President will be given an hour to discuss some of his thoughts about... marketing the Philippines, perhaps? I personally think that an hour won't be enough, and I'm predicting that the questions will not stop pouring in.

After two whole days of marketing wisdom at the conference, hang around Sofitel for the launching of Search Profile Index, a monthly subscription that helps you "grow and amplify your presence for business or personal growth". If you stay until 9 PM on Friday (June 25), you'll have a chance to win a luxurious one-night stay at The T in Tagaytay City. How's that as an incentive?

In preparation for this event, I've come up with my "7 ways to get the most out of the 41st National Marketing Conference". Here's what I'll do:
  1. I'll go to bed earlier than usual so I'd be wide awake during the conference.
  2. I'll jot down the speakers' ideas that I can implement immediately.
  3. Before calling it a day, I will mentally review the lessons learned from the day's speakers, to aid retention.
  4. I won't waste too much time eating, sipping tea, or taking too many bathroom breaks during the event.
  5. I will focus on the presentations rather than thinking of what I'll have for dinner.
  6. I'll make new friends and learn from them as well.
  7. I will have fun!
I stand corrected for my initial statement. If you are a marketing practitioner, you shouldn't simply "consider" attending this conference. Just go!


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Congratulations Alvin. Sent you an email.