Direk Freddie Santos Is Now a Blogger

Last June 22, bloggers were invited to a mysterious weekday noontime blog launch. Quite odd, eh?

This was the only photo on the invitation.

Normally, these types of I-won't-tell-you-what-the-event-is-about-because-I-want-to-tease-you invitations annoy me because time is precious and I want to know exactly what I'm waking up early for. But because of the impressive (note: expensive) venue plus the promise of a chance to win an iPad... surprise, surprise! I was only one of many who showed up!

I was really glad that I was there, because it turned out to be a very interesting and entertaining activity. It was my first time to meet Direk Freddie Santos in person. Actually, it was the first time I heard his name, and because of that, I am deeply ashamed. Every Pinoy should know who Direk Freddie is, because he is an icon in the Philippine live performance industry!

Gary Valenciano listens intently as Direk Freddie
talks about the Big Mac meal served for lunch.

He's such a jolly and gracious host, and it was so cool of him to approach each one of us for a quick chit-chat before the main event started.

Direk Freddie enthusiastically talks about his new blog.

Republiq's dance floor was Direk Freddie's stage. He used the space well, as he moved around and animatedly discussed what his baby project is about. He shared that instead of writing a biography, he decided to come up with a blography. Blog + biography. Get it? Got it.

In his blography, he shared (and will share) his beginnings and evolution in the live performance industry. The blog also has a very useful feature: Direk Freddie will read the blog post for you. Perhaps up next is a video feature, and it probably isn't such a bad idea, because Direk has a distinct theatrical flair (which I appreciated immensely). I wish there was some way to showcase that as well.

Direksions is still in "beta" stage, but feel free to go ahead and take a peek. The stories will unfold as the days progress, so let's subscribe to his mailing list to keep ourselves updated.

After meeting Direk Freddie in person and witnessing how passionate he is about his craft, I am now a fan.


ann said...

hi alvin! nirecommend ko blog mo sa isang events planner... antay na lang for the details...