Electrolux Wash-a-palooza Amazing Eastwood City Race

Last Friday, Arvin invited me to join his team for a mysterious sports event the following afternoon. I was booked in a two-day seminar, which meant that my Saturday was filled. But given the opportunity to join a sports fest, I decided to "cut class" and run off to Eastwood to join the game instead, without even knowing what the event was about. Talk about priorities! 

Turns out, Arvin couldn't make it, as well as some of his original teammates. Still, through the magic of reshuffling, everybody who was assigned a team.

I was absolutely happy with my decision. Wash-a-palooza was a boatload of fun! Thanks to Electrolux for organizing an amazing (yes, I had to use that word) event. Thanks to Jane and Marie of CaPRI for taking really good care of us. My fellow bloggers and I were almost spoiled rotten from the pampering.

More about this next time, I'm still gathering my photos (and thoughts) ...