Thrilla in Winila

I first found out about Winila when I saw their bustling booth at the Egames Domination at SMX early this year. Sometime in April, if I remember correctly. Instantly, I recognized that the business concept is uttery brilliant!

I also found out where their office is located. They were just 2 minutes away from our previous tv show studio. 

Despite all the evidence that Winila is a legitimate business, I was hesitant to try because I was risk-averse when it comes to these things. But I finally had the chance to give it a go when Jayson Biadog gave me two bid cards with 20 bids each. 

Since I only had 40 bids to play with, I wanted to bid for what I thought were less competitive items. So I decided to bid for a 500-peso GC. This was the lowest-cost item during the time, so I expected only a few bidders.

Well, surprise, surprise! Once the countdown timer hit 3 seconds, some of the (presumably) more experienced bidders showed up and drowned me with their flood of bids.

I chose to compete for 500 pesos worth of Max's GCs

By the end of the furious process, 147 bids have been placed!

Joining their bidding contest was quite an experience. You do have to know what you're getting into, because it could get a little addictive.

I realized that going into the auction with an I-will-bid-on-this-item-on-a-whim just won't work because the others would just run me over, and they might not even notice that I was there!

I'm thinking that the better strategy would be to prepare a significant number of bids, and pick an item that I really want, and go for it!