Melamine in milk… big deal?!

The recent anomaly in melamine-tainted milk products prompted the authorities to ban all products proven to contain traces of the harmful chemical. They even threatened to shut down stores which continue to sell those tainted products. Every single day you read and hear about melamine this and melamine that. I asked myself, “Is this really such a big deal or is the government overreating?” Then, I answered my own question, “Of course it’s a big deal! The government is NOT overreacting. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do… protecting the people.”

Let’s ignore the fact that I talk to myself a lot (but you got to admit, you talk to yourself, too), so we could focus on the issue at hand: Some greedy, no-good businessmen are cutting corners to make a quick buck at the expense of the consumers. It’s one thing to cheat and give less than what the customer is paying for, but it’s completely unacceptable to jeopardize a customer’s health without him knowing it.* And in this current scenario, innocent babies are being killed. Absolutely unforgivable!

It’s unfortunate that a number of helpless babies had to sacrifice their ultra-short lives just to educate the general public about the harmful effects of: melamine in particular, business cheating in general.

* The same case could not be said about the tobacco industry, wherein the consumers are willing victims. But that’s another topic.