One Sentence Is Enough

I’m joining this interesting contest… http://anothermiyaw.livejournal.com/146627.html

“I found a notebook on my escritoire… and started reading about her.”

“Diary” by Bread. Get it? =)

I know. The only thing worse than forcing a rhyme is forcing a semi-rhyme.

Other entries...

I thought snow in midsummer was inconceivable until I met a guy who badly needed anti-dandruff shampoo.

After five months of eating oatmeal, my ecstatic sister can fit into her old jeans again.

If my notebook can respond, it would probably shriek from shock.

I'm just agreeing to what you're saying because I'm tired.

I should have paid attention to the signs that read: "Watch Out For Falling Debris" and "Park At Your Own Risk".


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