Instead of listing down lofty yet vague long-term goals, I've decided to set very specific, somewhat challenging (to me, at least) yet achievable short-term targets.

  1. Perform 90 push-ups in one minute (by January 21, 2009)
    I read about this timed physical self-test in a fitness book and decided to give it a try. On my first attempt, I only managed to do 49 in a minute. With my skinny frame (note: not much weight to push up), there's plenty of room for improvement!

  2. Write 3 blog posts per week (by January 7, 2009).
    Evidently, this is a chore for me, as I prefer to talk than type. I'll start with 1 post per week for the rest of November, 2 per week in December, and 3 per week by January.

  3. Learn 1 new Mandarin word/phrase per day. (101 new words/phrases by March 1, 2009)
    I've been putting this off for years. Now's the time to actually do it.

Thanks to the following sponsors for forcing, er, encouraging me to do this...
The Moleskine Notebook is courtesy of Avalon.PH

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Manuel Viloria said...

Thanks, Alvin! You might be interested in http://hundredpushups.com :-)

Manuel Viloria said...

Congratulations, Alvin! You won the Moleskine notebook! :-)

Please email your Philippine postal address to Manuel (at) Viloria.net so that Mr. Jasper Ong of Avalon.PH can ship the notebook to you.

Again, congrats!