Not Just for Nerds

As a semi-nerd (I'm still in semi-denial), I got excited when I received an invitation to join the Philippine Science Centrum tour in Marikina last May. And since I have a lot in common with my pal Scrooge, I decided to join because it was a way to get in for free. I was thinking that the entrance fee would come close to that of Science Discovery Center in Mall of Asia. Turns out, the fee was only 90 pesos (100 pesos starting June). Hey, even I could afford that.

My only rant was the airconditioning, or lack of it. It was the peak of summer and the heat just seeped through my skin. I completely understand though (refer to my bit about Scrooge). The center covers a huge area, and if they do install air conditioners, I'd feel very sorry for whoever gets assigned to pay the Meralco bill.

Since a bunch of other talented writers shared their thoughts about the event, I would focus on just one highlight called the Wonder House. That was one of the sickest rooms I've ever been in. I say that because I felt sick after the experience. Sick in a cool way, if you get my drift (maybe not). I was utterly fascinated with the way my head spun while inside. Logically speaking, it was an ordinary room with a minor adjustment... it was tilted 15 degrees. Warning: cliche alert! Perception is reality. The moment I stepped into the room, it just felt wrong. My stubborn brain kept resisting the fact that I was just in a safe, mildy tilted room. And I was ridiculously disoriented.

I would be willing to pay for the entrance fee in full just for a visit to this room alone. Of course, if I paid the full amount, I'd be an idiot if I don't explore the other cool exhibits.

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Photos courtesy of Karen

Nerds and non-nerds smile for the camera.