Free Wifi at SM Manila Foodcourt

Before the event: Proper spelling is crucial.

Stephen, the gracious host, welcomes everyone to SM Manila.

Why settle for an Internet cafe when you can go online in an Internet Foodcourt?

Some quick facts: This 1437-square meter Foodcourt, renovated last July 2008, can seat 540 people. To serve these people, there are 10 tenants:
Lydia's Lechon, Wok Yan, Kamay Kainan, Pinoy Toppings, Seafood Grill, Ilonggo Grill, Tropical Hut, Bodhi, Sizzling Plate and Chicken Company (the last two are the main attractions in SM Foodcourts).

If you think about it, ten options is not a lot. And if you think about it again, that's actually a good thing. Countless times I ended up wasting half an hour just trying to decide where to eat, then another half an hour trying to decide what to eat.

Hold it... since this is also a Wifi event, let's talk about the connection...
Not bad at all. There are about two dozen heavy internet users taking full advantage of the free Wifi.

Excellent signal strength. I never argue with my computer.

Quick side note: Last June 12, the marketing team came up with an Independence Day "Pinaka" event. Participating tenants showcased their biggest chicharon, biggest siopao, longest lumpiang sariwa, largest tofu, etc.

I'd say that's a huge testament to Pinoys' love of food. Pun fully intended!

Come over to SM Manila not just for the Wifi access, but for the food!