"Hey, Ma!" or "Hi, Ma!"

Lifestyle and home design store Heima was still closed, but the owners allowed important people to get in. So I was asked to wait outside.

Jones, one of the important people invited inside, got disappointed when she found out that the Mercedes Benz on display was not for sale. Hey, the door's ajar! maybe I could sneak in to take a peek.

An onslaught of cheerful colors greeted my near-sighted eyes, and I literally felt a notch happier. By the way, it would take me years before I could come up with nice photographs, so I blatantly stole the image from the official website: www.heimastore.com

Ooohs and aaahs from the visitors.

This is what the storefront looks like at night...
Isn't that simply gorgeous? How would you like it if your place looked like that?
(Obviously, it's another photo I pilfered.)

The brilliant pair behind the concept:
Rossy is the Design Diva. She consistently comes up with fantastic creations without breaking a sweat. Because she does so in an airconditioned room. She is also skilled in evading paparazzo shots.

Bong is Mister Marketing. He is also a Lomo Legend. He eats, sleeps, and breathes lomography. I'm exaggerating of course. He just takes a few bites.

I have some friends who are into lomography. Heima is their headquarters.

The idea that people stay longer in smaller stores, as shared by Rossy, is such a fascinating theory. Apparently, it's theory in action for Heima. Something about the room hypnotizes you into lingering inside.

The unique products contribute to the positive aura. Each item has an endearing story behind it.

Visit often because the layout changes every three months. People buy their stuff almost as soon as they come out. I witnessed some customers buying shirts that weren't even on display yet.

So where can you find Heima?

You want something to cheer you up? Visit the store.

G/F Shop 33, Cubao Expo, Quezon City
+63 917 561 HEIM ( 4346 )