Gelato Gluttony

... at Greenbelt

Very tempting, but a bit pricey. Mr. Stingy (my alter-ego) is still trying to decide.
Who am I kidding? Mr. Stingy is my real identity!

What's this?! All-you-can-eat for only 500 pesos?! For two people?! Out of the way, Mr. Stingy!

Sixteen flavors to choose from.

Which one should I try first?

The greenish mound on the left is Pistacchio (that's how they spell it). My favorite!
The dark brown scoop is Cioccolato. It tasted a bit like Royce's dark chocolate nuggets. Yum!
The third flavor is called Nutella. Surprisingly good!

I ended up gobbling up 13 scoops. After that glorious "achievement", my taste buds went bonkers, which ruined my appetite for anything else. I guess I should've stopped after the 12th scoop. For the rest of the day, anything that resembled ice cream disgusted me. But as I was looking at the limited photos I took, I found myself drooling again. I actually want to go back for more! Too bad the all-you-can-eat promo ends today.