1.43% Chance of Winning 5000 Pesos

Came across this booth while strolling along the halls of SM Megamall...
My eyes were immediately drawn to the large red font. A chance to win 5,000 in cash? Why not?

Distracted by the flame-themed hairstyle while waiting for my turn.

The trivia challengers, as I call them.
I need to correctly guess, I mean, answer 3 out of 5 trivia questions to qualify.

I made the cut! So now, somebody is preparing my lucky entry stub.
I have a strange feeling that I'll win!

I didn't realize that there would be so many hopefuls. There were probably 70 of us.

The first winner drawn was not around, and as expected, 
everyone cheered because that meant another chance for us to win.

The raffle winner is in this photo!

My lucky entry stub was outdone by somebody else's luckier entry stub.
I'll try to find time to join at least one other contest at the other venues.
I have a hunch that I'll win next time. Yeah, that's what I said before.