Real Cooking

It's amazing how a free cookbook was able to nudge me into preparing a non-instant dish... for the very first time in my life! No matter how impractical it was, I just had to capture some evidence of this historical event.

Al dente.

Chopping garlic, my second favorite cooking activity.

...more chopping action. In case you're puzzled, those are broccoli chunks.

Ta-daaa! Peppered Broccoli Pasta
Forget about artistic plating, I just ate it off the hot pan.

Ok, so I forgot about the camera in between the chopping and the eating (my favorite) steps. I just did some sautéing action with the exaggeratedly chopped garlic bits and broccoli chunks on extra-virgin olive oil. Now I'm just pretending to know what sautéing means. The fragrance was unbelievable (for my level, at least). Unfortunately, the smell was better than the taste.

I'm still motivated to try more dishes though. Perhaps after 3 months.