Adidas Knows How to (Street) Party


Adidas Street Party at The Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill last May 7. I only took a few photos because my low-cost camera can't really handle low-light  photography. So, in no particular order...
The vicious bike is attacking the innocent yellow-shirted dude! Somebody help him!

I got a little confused because both streets were named "Originals".

Stop over for some all-you-can-eat barbecue.

Adopt a Zakumi. Take your pick.

Foosball for those who can't play real football. Namely, me.

Grand prize: a pimped up Adidas van. Kidding!

These are all mine. Go get your own.

I kept going back for more, so they gave me a large plastic cup full of my favorite, Boracay Mocha Blend.

Microphone-eating contest.

There were literally pools of free drinks.

Street artist at work.



Showing off some moves.

What am I doing here, Mama?

Queuing up for the tequila shots.

"I need a shower."

More dance moves.

This was my view during the Darth Vader scene and fashion show (the main purpose of the event).

Dammit! Message sending failed!

Street magic


Fun party! Thanks to Jonel for the invitation!



Ann said...

yay, pinost mo din pala to... (",)