Biki Waterworld Aqualympics


A bunch of cheerful bloggers had loads of fun at the Biki Water World Aqualympics yesterday, wherein the happy people from Enchanted Kingdom arranged an Amazing Race-type game which required us to utilize 4 out of the 6 giant inflated pools in the area. A whole lot of running, sliding, splashing and a bit of drinking (from all that running, sliding and splashing) took place. Looking back, having dinner before such strenuous activities might not have been such a good idea. But it did power our team to victory! Yes, I'm bragging. 

These were the scenes before the sun called it a day...

That's not a tiny man beside a tube. That's a 6-feet tall dude beside an enormous inflated hamster wheel.

I wish I had action photos to serve as proof of our competitiveness and will power, but we were all running around, remember?

The game is a fantastic way to make full use of the facilities. I would recommend this to companies who plan to do half-day team building activities. "Half-day" because Biki Water World is open from 2 to 9 PM during weekdays and 11 AM to 10 PM during Saturdays and Sundays.

If you have kids, bring them over because they will surely thank you for being such a wonderful mommy/daddy.



Henry said...

Is biki water world within the enchanted kingdom grounds?

rins said...

Congrats to our team! :)

I think Enchanted Kingdom will lure a lot of people with this new attraction, especially the kids!

Structureless said...

Yeah, the undermanned Red Team with Rins, Jonas, Ryan and team leader Florencio pushed past exhaustion and hamster dizziness to win another free trip back to Biki Water World! =D

Henry, the Biki area is a 4-minute walk away from Enchanted Kingdom, with its own entrance and ticketing desk. Visit them soon! =)