World Food Expo 2010

Dubbed as "The Country's Biggest and Most Effective Food Show", the 10th World Food Expo or the WOFEX 10 will be held on August 4-7, 2010 at the World Trade Center and at the SMX Convention Center.

That might have seemed a little confusing. So which venue is it? The answer to that is... both!

The event has grown so large that one huge venue won't be enough. Free shuttle service will be provided for visitors so they can visit both venues. See how the organizers thought of everything?

Also being introduced for 2010 is the 1ST PHILIPPINE CULINARY CUP, destined to be the most prestigious culinary competition in the country where the best meet to compete!

Free seminars about food all day, every day during the 4-day expo. Check out the list here: http://filsites.com/wofex-10/events.htm

Are you hungry yet?