Entrepreneur Magazine's September Networking Night

On September 7, Tuesday night, Entrepreneur Magazine will be hosting another get-together with the theme... Innovators: Facing Up to the Giants

You can probably tell from the title that it'll be about the "little guys" who dared to go toe-to-toe with well-established corporations. Learn from the special guest panelists who will share some of their success secrets (you weren't expecting them to share all their secrets, were you?).

Check out the impressive lineup of guest entrepreneurs:

  • Siu Ping Par - President, PR Gaz Haus
  • Federico Moreno - President, Ystilo Salon
  • Mark Ruiz - Founder, Hapinoy
  • Jonathan So - President, JC Franchising

The "party" will start at 6 PM, and will be held at ThreeSixty Restaurant Bar which is on the second floor of the A. Venue Mall along Makati Avenue in Makati City.

And all you need to bring is a copy of this magazine...

If you don't have the magazine yet, no need to stress yourself out. You may buy a copy (or two) at the venue. A single copy of the magazine will serve as your "ticket" to dinner, freebies, expert advice, and new friends.

To register, send an email with your contact details to sirius.langkay@summitmedia.com.ph

Here's the event's official webpage: http://www.entrepreneur.com.ph/netnight 

See you there!