Solar Power in a Box

Here's a picture of our place at the height of Basyang's inexplicable rage last July...
That's me on the right, and my neighbor on the left. 

Hey, it was dark and the wind was howling like mad. Taking a photo was the last thing on my mind. Besides, my two pairs of camera batteries were dead. And my cellphone's battery was on its last bar. Bummer.

Since there was really nothing anyone could do during a blackout, I just mumbled some nonsense and went to bed. When I woke up the next day drenched in sweat, I immediately realized that there was still no power and the electric fan was still motionless. And since I had a deadline requiring me to submit something to a client via email, it was absolutely necessary for me to go out to look for an Internet shop, because my laptop battery was (you guessed it) also dead. Bummer again.

At the humid mall (they were just using generators), there were long queues of people waiting for their turn to charge their cellphones. I would have taken a photo, but I just remembered that my batteries were dead. D'oh!

During those dark hours, I wish I had something like the Adtel solar home kit. According to their website...

There’s the 40-watt Plug ‘N’ Play system, which includes an AM/FM radio, a multiport cellphone charger, and two 1.8W LED lamps."

Adtel also has a cheaper five-watt option. The solar home kit includes a control box and a 2W LED lamp and can power a three-volt radio and a cellphone charger.

I would recommend using it not only during brown outs, but as often as possible, without sacrificing practicality. Since I am a bit of an environmentalist, I appreciate any form of power savings.

I found out from Adtel's website that they were influenced by Republic Act 9513, "the Renewable Energy Act that promotes development, utilization and commercialization of renewable energy resources". If we use those solar home kits only during brown outs, then it would just be an emergency power source and not a renewable power source. Sayang ang potential!

When I get one of those solar kits, I would volunteer to help the project by jotting down notes and sending suggestions about the product. I'm not claiming that I could help redesign the system or anything like that, I'm just saying that I will send feedback from a consumer's point of view. All in the name of progress!

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