Take Advantage

Saw this in my inbox...

As a marketing enthusiast, I was fascinated by this promo. It's a very simple one, but somehow it moved me.

My friends and relatives could attest to this, I'm a frugal guy and I think thrice before buying anything. I still refuse to enter a pay toilet even when my bladder's about to burst. Okay, so I'm bordering on stingy. But for some mysterious reason, I actually thought of buying the darn travel set, pink pouch notwithstanding. That was until I realized that I was being seduced. It also helped that I saw the ad at home and not at the mall.

I'm trying to dissect the ad to discover why it had such an effect on me. I think it was the combination of the words "safety", "save", and "exclusive". Perhaps it was because the set stayed within the 2-digit price range. Or was it because of the subtle "time pressure"... Oh no! It won't be available at such a bargain price after April 30. 

I'm still trying to figure this out.