100% Honest, No B.S. Reasons To Win An iPad

7 Reasons. Nothing fancy, just pure honesty...
  1. I want to show it off!
    Most iPad owners bought the shiny thing to show it off, although hardly any of them would admit it. If I win, I will do the same, I'll show it off, and I will proudly proclaim to anyone who asks that I won it from a contest sponsored by Sherweb Hosting.
  2. I want to understand what the hype is all about.
    What is it with Apple fanatics who queue up to buy everything that Apple churns out?
  3. I'm not willing to shell out my hard-earned money to buy a brand new iPad.
    Obviously, I'm not a fan... yet. So I would never own an iPad unless somebody would give it to me.
  4. I want a genuine touchy-feely surfing experience
    Not like those iPad clones with annoyingly slow response times.
  5. When the need arises, I want to have something to sell for emergency cash.
    What? I want to win the iPad so I can sell it? Let's be practical here. If there is an opportunity to invest in something (like hot shares in the stock market) that could earn a quick profit, I would sell my stuff, buy the shares, make a profit, and possibly buy back the stuff I sold. 
  6. I want something even more portable than a laptop
    A clunky laptop with its tangled cables, slow start-up time and heavy physical frame can be a pain to carry around.
  7. I want an inconspicuous gadget
    I suppose I'd be willing to purchase one of those protective casings. I've seen some that are so sleek yet "invisible". "Invisible" because thieves won't know that they're looking at an expensive toy.
Seven real reasons. Listed all in the name of fun. =)


This Broom Is Worth 1000 Pesos

I just realized that this broom is worth 1000 pesos...

So is this one...

And this one...

Maybe not this green thing over here...

Not sure about this one...

This one's not worth 1000, I'm afraid...

Er, this one's the broom's partner, but no.

Cute partnership. Still a "no".

What the?!

Oooh, a tall one, eh?

Now this one's ridiculously long, I couldn't even fit it into the picture.

The handle is over seven feet long! Yes, it's worth 1000 pesos as well.

But all these loyal sweepers can't hold a candle to "The broom of the future"...

It's the Electrolux Dynamica vacuum cleaner. How it works is self-explanatory. But the question is: why in the world would you need to spend a few thousand pesos to replace your trusty walis?
  1. Time is money. Get the house cleaning done quickly so you could have more time to make money. One "sweep" per area and you're done.
  2. No need to come in close contact with dirt, dust, and other forms of eewness. Just let the Dynamica suck them up and throw them out.
  3. Without it, backache medicine and massage expenses can pile up quickly. You probably know how it feels to bend over a hundred times during every clean-up session. Or maybe not, because you have household help. We haven't hired any helpers since 1986 and we do everything on our own. And we have felt the aches. 
  4. Hard-to-reach areas will be less of a problem. The "sucker" will do wonders for you.
  5. It's not the traditional, old-school vacuum cleaner.
  6. Coolness is priceless. How about showing off your shiny cleaning toy to your neighbors? Don't forget to collect your yabang points.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I overpriced my broom collection...
Quite a heck of a deal.

If you refuse to part with your beloved broom because of all the sentimental value, go buy a new one at the mall, sweep about 10 square meters of dirty floor space to create that "used" look, and trade that one in.

I've illustrated and justified the value of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Admittedly, it's an expensive alternative to the good ol' walis, but in the long run, it will pay for itself many times over.

I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help!
Doom and gloom for the broom sounds rather harsh, but hey, it rhymes!


Take Advantage

Saw this in my inbox...

As a marketing enthusiast, I was fascinated by this promo. It's a very simple one, but somehow it moved me.

My friends and relatives could attest to this, I'm a frugal guy and I think thrice before buying anything. I still refuse to enter a pay toilet even when my bladder's about to burst. Okay, so I'm bordering on stingy. But for some mysterious reason, I actually thought of buying the darn travel set, pink pouch notwithstanding. That was until I realized that I was being seduced. It also helped that I saw the ad at home and not at the mall.

I'm trying to dissect the ad to discover why it had such an effect on me. I think it was the combination of the words "safety", "save", and "exclusive". Perhaps it was because the set stayed within the 2-digit price range. Or was it because of the subtle "time pressure"... Oh no! It won't be available at such a bargain price after April 30. 

I'm still trying to figure this out.


Innocent Macho Dancer?

Bandwagon time! Since people are talking about this, I will too.

Much has been said about Willie's abuse of the innocent 6-year old who was "forced" to giling like an adult dancer. 

I think it's all about perspective. Regular viewers - fans who watch the show day in and day out - saw nothing wrong with it. They honestly think it was okay. Those who were against it only saw the video on Youtube. It's easy to turn this into a class war, since most of those who are rigidly against it clearly belong to the privileged class.

Christian Pinoys devour lechon with gusto. But have we ever wondered what our Muslim brothers and sisters think of us bite after bite? Different perspectives.