100% Honest, No B.S. Reasons To Win An iPad

7 Reasons. Nothing fancy, just pure honesty...
  1. I want to show it off!
    Most iPad owners bought the shiny thing to show it off, although hardly any of them would admit it. If I win, I will do the same, I'll show it off, and I will proudly proclaim to anyone who asks that I won it from a contest sponsored by Sherweb Hosting.
  2. I want to understand what the hype is all about.
    What is it with Apple fanatics who queue up to buy everything that Apple churns out?
  3. I'm not willing to shell out my hard-earned money to buy a brand new iPad.
    Obviously, I'm not a fan... yet. So I would never own an iPad unless somebody would give it to me.
  4. I want a genuine touchy-feely surfing experience
    Not like those iPad clones with annoyingly slow response times.
  5. When the need arises, I want to have something to sell for emergency cash.
    What? I want to win the iPad so I can sell it? Let's be practical here. If there is an opportunity to invest in something (like hot shares in the stock market) that could earn a quick profit, I would sell my stuff, buy the shares, make a profit, and possibly buy back the stuff I sold. 
  6. I want something even more portable than a laptop
    A clunky laptop with its tangled cables, slow start-up time and heavy physical frame can be a pain to carry around.
  7. I want an inconspicuous gadget
    I suppose I'd be willing to purchase one of those protective casings. I've seen some that are so sleek yet "invisible". "Invisible" because thieves won't know that they're looking at an expensive toy.
Seven real reasons. Listed all in the name of fun. =)


Jehzeel Laurente said...

wooot! thanks for joining! malapit na natin malaman sino ang winner! abangan! :D