Cheesy Dudes

Ubiquitous pizza chain Greenwich recently unveiled their new Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas and graciously invited a bunch of hungry male bloggers to try them out at their Megamall branch. The Greenwich marketing team is now focusing its cheesiness on male diners, which makes a whole lot of sense if you ask me. Why bother with diet-conscious ladies when you can sell three times as much pizza to dudes prone to gluttony?

Check out these high-grade photos:
Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Overload

Philly Cheesesteak Overload. Mmmmm.

The Cheese and Pepperoni Overload was served first, and it was quite delightful because it had "100% more pepperoni and a double layer of mozzarella cheese". But I quickly forgot about it after they unleashed the Philly Cheesesteak. I loved the roast beef topping, but I think it was the melted cream cheese that got me hooked. I ate four slices, and that was after I gobbled up a hefty serving of baked macaroni. My body weight instantly increased by 2%.

I noticed that Allan Tan, the person behind the Philly Cheeseteak variant, grabbed a large slice during our little get-together. I find that fascinating because several minutes earlier, I extracted information from him and found out that it took 6 months to develop that flavor. He told that they've been tasting and eating the variations all throughout those months. And he still likes it. It's that good!