X-Rated Cubao

The security guard mockingly replied "Ah, Cubao X? Doon po!" when I asked him where I can find Cubao Expo. I could have sworn that I heard him mutter, "Napaka-uncool naman nito" as I was trying to figure out his vague directions.

Cubao X (Fine, you win, Manong Guard!), a retro-themed area near Araneta Center, is usually quiet during the morning and early afternoon, but not last August 21. A bunch of fun-loving photo enthusiasts and an amateur (me!) met up to learn about photoblogging.

It was early and most shops were still closed. So why the heck were all the parking slots taken?!

It made perfect sense to wear comfy sneaks for a walking tour.

I think Michi was trying to say something.

Instead of telling you about the stores, I'll just share some items you can find in Cubao X, then you can go on a treasure hunt. How about that? Not that you have a choice.

This old-school piggy bank is filled with 103,442.25 pesos worth of coins. Maybe not.

The Late National Artist Nick Joaquin's actual typewriter. Can you imagine updating your blog with that?

Every community needs a chismis factory, a.k.a. a beauty parlor.

Mam, Sir, pili na!

If I buy this, how do I play it?

Good answer.

Gard (co-owner of one of the shops) with his pet.

Gener (the other owner) with one of his two published books.

"Huy! Bawal kayo diyan sa taas!" Ruuun!

If I were a girl, I'd probably have these in my collection. Yes, I'm old. No, I'm not a girl.

Cubao X is so photographer-friendly, every nook (but not every cranny) provides plenty of opportunities to take a snap.

This was what the cashier used to tally up our bill.

The jolly guy in the middle is Budjim Aquino, the area's decision-maker. He informed us that there are strict rules and requirements in accepting new tenants. Randy (with a camera) was in negotiation mode.

Listening to an insider. Bong was telling us where to buy lotto tickets.

Back to base camp. Anton's students ask way too many questions, lalo na ngayon (~ especially now). Which is why he needs to recharge his cybernetic battery pack.

Visit Cubao X and unearth its hidden treasures.