My Century Tuna Superbods Run Training

You might have observed that running is as popular now as badminton was a few years ago. There's at least one organized race somewhere every single week. So far, the most publicized one this year is the Century Tuna Superbods Run, because of its giganormous marketing budget and star-studded line-up of guest runners. The marketing campaign is so effective that even a lazy non-runner like me got interested. 

Here's proof: I am preparing for this by...
 working up a sweat on the treadmill...

and other activities that are difficult for self-photography, like:
climbing several flights of stairs with a heavy backpack,
doing several sets of one-legged squats, etc.
buying a running shirt (optional)

But the most important "preparation" for me was to go out and actually register for the race! There's no squirming out of this one now.

That white circular thing below the number 1 is the electronic timing chip.
High-tech, eh?

While everybody else is gearing up for 10- and 21-km runs, I chose the wimpiest option, the 3-kilometer route. Please refer to a previous statement about me being a lazy non-runner. Lame, I know.



eRLyN said...

hi Alvin,

im actually thinking of joining but time is very restrictive. hehe and yeah id probably settle for the 3km run too. like you im lazy when it comes to running or any other physical activities.

eRLyN said...

btw, i linked you up pala. pa link na din ha. nice meeting you at the science centrum event.

Structureless said...

Hi, Erlyn! It was nice to meet you, too!

I love sports, but I'm too lazy for the compete-against-yourself types that require extended patience... like running, golf, bodybuilding, etc.